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Nancy Lee McErlain attended ECHO with Tom Fier these eduction events where it was learned that it is a $500 fine per month for not adopted and obeyed the properly noticed meetings.

Video is worth $60,000.00 min. in fines to tristate and Davis Stirling management companies failure to produce agendas on time, monthly meetings as well as meeting minutes to cover up what was said about me. John GARVIC NOT Gavin. Sharon Pratt/Howie are crooks

Park Plaza Towers is trying to say the LAWYERS knew more than my mother, as well as Tony. Tony was as dishonest as they come he was to get me a letter of termination as in the Condo Bluebook by Bickle

I own these books from 1997-2017, Research for Condo Castaway TM

Book and board game. P Johnny Appleweed graphic novel.

Robert ‘Skip” Howie and the LLC/JAW/CC 650 420/Condo Castaway board game too ¬†2012-2019 loss of income Refer to Depo 12 May 2014 USPS-Joke